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Do not read my works if you are offended by descriptions of sexuality and violence. Be warned, though, that if you intend to read them just for the sake of those descriptions, you may not find them to be as entertaining as you might expect.

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What’s New:

May 20, 2020: Audio recording of the vignette “Teaching”

May 7, 2020: Picture essay “The Allure of Agony” updated — see Essays

March 7, 2020: Audio recording of the short story “The Scent of Roast”

March 3, 2020: “Thank You For Your Question” by Amrita at the Ladies’ Lounge

January 28, 2020: Audio recording of the short story “The Monument”

January 20, 2020: Vignette “There is Nothing” — see Short stories and Vignettes

January 11, 2020: A few paragraphs of my novel The Journey rewritten.

December 3, 2019: Audio recording of the short story “The Witch”

November 7, 2019: Three additions to the Essays section

September 26, 2019: Audio recording of the vignette “The Empty Bed”

August 21, 2019: Essay “The ‘Robot Laws’ Theory of Morals” — see Essays

July 1, 2019: Four stories by Sammie added to the collection of her stories at the Ladies’ Lounge

June 24, 2019: A text by Lili at the Ladies’ Lounge

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