R. C. Smith — The Author

The Author

A few regrettable facts about me:

- I am an old man (this keeps getting truer all the time, until, one day, it won’t).

- English is not my native language. I make mistakes. On the other hand, I’m unapologetic about sacrificing any style guide textbook rule, whenever it suits me, to a story’s flow or a sentence’s melody and rhythm.

- My tales mostly deal with suffering, sadness, desire, love, loss and death. It may be that I do not have much to say about other topics.


- I bear no outward resemblance to the first-person narrators of my stories, be they female or male. All the characters, including those called “I,” are entirely fictitious.

- I hope the reader will understand that my tales with their scenes of sexual violence are meant to explore the vast dark caverns of the human mind, not to trivialize, endorse or advocate what they describe.

- I am a slow writer, so please do not expect new texts to appear frequently.

To avoid possible misunderstandings: “Smith” is a pen name. I am neither identical with, nor related to, nor referring to any other person with this name.

I take myself seriously as a writer. I do not write to please (though I do not mind if it happens), I write stories because I want people to think about them. I write carefully. Every sentence is there for a purpose. I may make mistakes, but every word is chosen for meaning, rhythm and sound. Some things are left unsaid. Some things that are said may not be meant to be taken at face value. Some things are said between the lines.

I give away my work for free, because that’s easier for everyone. You do not have to register or pay for reading or listening to my stories, and I save myself the hassle and frustrations of trying to find a publisher, or of promoting my work on self-publishing platforms. That my work doesn’t fall into any of the established literary categories would hardly be helpful.

This does’t mean that I am principally opposed to the idea that an author deserves to get paid for their work. Also, I’m paying for the hosting of this website, and for some of the audio recordings. Therefore, if you appreciate my work, a small pecuniary token of that appreciation sent to my PayPal account rc@rc-smith.net would be welcome – thank you!

Also, every author appreciates feedback, and I would like to hear from you. Please write to rc@rc-smith.net, I will reply as soon as my time allows.

If you appreciate my work and have a blog or a website etc., then I’d be grateful for a link to my website.

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