R. C. Smith ó Short Stories and Vignettes

Short Stories and Vignettes

Do not read my works if you are offended by descriptions of sexuality and violence.
(Do not read them just for those descriptions, either.)

Most of these short texts take a thought, from somewhere, and explore it to its limit, or beyond, to some very dark place. Tread with caution. Be reassured that there is no need to worry about the authorís state of mind, though. At least not more than about anyone elseís.

The distinction between short stories and vignettes here is somewhat arbitrary. Within each category the texts, with one exception, are ordered alphabetically according to their titles. There is no suggested reading order, read them in any random sequence you may fancy. The dates given at the bottom of the pages refer to the time of writing, not of publishing.

Short Stories:

The Monument

The Mountain Farm

Red Feathers

The Scent of Roast

The Witch

A Slightly Lighter Darkness:

If you are new to my stories, you may want to start with these. Think twice before reading the others.

The Goatherd

Plucking Roses



Across the River

Dead Toy

The Empty Bed

The Fountain

The Fourth Sacrifice


Instruction Hour


No Love

On the River


The Pier

The Promise


Rose Offering

Test of Loyalty


Audio recordings are available of The Empty Bed, The Fountain, His, Instruction Hour, Passion, The Pier, Plucking Roses, Rapture, and Loss.

If you appreciate my short stories, have a look at the long ones, and my novel.

Most recently added:

Dead Toy

The Witch


The Goatherd

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