R. C. Smith Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

I am grateful to the readers who have lent their voices to my texts:

- Meri Paite, a female reader with a beautiful, clear and expressive voice.

- RC, a male reader with a bad accent but a reasonably good sense of prosody.

They come admirably close to bringing my words into the open the way they sound in my head.

Currently only a few of my short texts are available as audio rcordings. Links to the audio files (in mp3 format) are provided below and also on the pages of these stories. You may listen online or download the files for your own personal use (if your browser doesn't seem to offer this option, right-click and choose "Save Link As ...")

Do not listen to my works if you are offended by descriptions of sexuality and violence.
(Do not listen to them just for those descriptions, either.)

Audio Recordings (in alphabetical order):

The Empty Bed read by RC (3:12)

The Fountain read by Meri Paite (7:18)

His read by Meri Paite (4:08)

Instruction Hour read by Meri Paite (6:06)

Loss read by RC (2:07)

Passion read by Meri Paite (5:07)

The Pier read by RC (4:21)

Plucking Roses read by RC (2:13)

Rapture read by RC (1:22)

More recordings will be added at a slow pace. Comments and criticism (unless offensive) are welcome.

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