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The Messenger

We both had our dreams. Her dream, the one she felt obliged to have, was to set right a world. Setting right a troubled girl was a minor task she casually, and expertly, did along the way. In mine, there was a story that I had to tell.

A rich merchant hires a tutor for his daughter, to make her presentable to the Khan. He would not have done it, had he known the tutor’s secrets.

She hopes that a good story, well told, may help to save the life of the Queen and secure the future of the Queendom, and she knows how to tell it. But, as some will have to find out, she also knows how to kill, if not with a look then with a sword or with her bare hands.

The audio book is read by Luxie Maxwell — luxiemaxwell.carrd.co

The “Interlude” is read by the author.

The story “The Messenger” is included in the e-book “Herons and Heroines” — see Stories.

You can download it there in plain text, PDF, ePub and Mobi format.

Do not listen to this audio book if you are offended by descriptions of sexuality and violence. If these are what mainly interests you, though, you may find Part II to be a bit disappointing, compared to others of my stories.


The Messenger audio book — zip file, containing 12 mp3 files and the PDF e-book “The Messenger”

Download file size: 129 MB

Total duration: 140 minutes

Published October 4, 2021

Listen online

Part I: The Pupil

Chapter 1 — The Bey (05:43)

Chapter 2 — The Tutor (22:50)

Chapter 3 — The Father (21:22)

Chapter 4 — The Khan (11:08)

Chapter 5 — The Queen (05:52)

Interlude: The Heron (05:04)

Part II: The Messenger

The Teller (07:16)

The Tale (1) (17:09)

The Tale (2) (16:52)

The Tale (3) (11:07)

The Tale (4) (16:22)

The Tale (5) (04:28)

Download “The Messenger” PDF e-book

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The Messenger - Cover

The cover uses a photo by Tom Robertson on Unsplash


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