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For more than eleven years Sabrina has been my close friend, and both my Muse and my editor as a writer. She loved to write, but few of her texts have been meant to be published, or had reached the stage where she was content enough with them to consider showing them to the public — to her, the time for that had not yet come. And now it never will, as, not yet 40 years old, she died of cancer in the spring of 2017.

Here are two of her stories. The first one, The Oarlock Tier, she posted in 2003 under the name Valeria — it can still be found on www.asstr.org.

The other story that you can find here, The Sacrificial Knife, a sweeping tour through many of the favorite parts of her fantasy world, is the last story she has written. When she began working on it, in December 2016, her life was going well. By the time she finished editing, in April 2017, she was dying. This is a story she was proud of — she had wanted to see it published, but time was running out for her much too fast. Here it is, now.

The Oarlock Tier

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The Sacrificial Knife

Download — Text — PDF — ePub — Mobi

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