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“If the reader doesn’t go past the erotic aspect of it, then so be it. But if the reader understands, learns something from my experiences, it’s awesome. I prefer not to force some agenda on the reader. I would rather the reader come to their own understanding.” There is little that needs to be added to Amrita’s words.

Here is an unrelenting account of certain aspects of a woman’s life, as told by her in her own words, in her postings to her Tumblr blog and her replies to questions that she got asked there. Be warned. What she has to tell, and how she tells it, may fascinate you, or horrify you, or both. She tells it with no other intention than to make people understand about the way of life that she has chosen. Chosen. It is essential to be aware that she has chosen it, and still chooses it, of her own free will.

Tumblr has terminated Amrita’s blog in February 2021.

You can contact her by e-mail under dumbindianrose@gmail.com.

Thank You For Your Question

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Thank You For Your Question

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