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I am

A piss drinker. A dog fucker. A good girl. A slut. A whore. A piece of shit trailer trash skank. A punching bag. A pain slut. A needy cunt. An addict. A student. A math geek. A runner. A friend. A lover. A child. An equal. A slave. A domestic. A submissive. A little. A dumb bimbo. A hard worker. A cum guzzler. A shit eater. A thing to make pretty with bruises. A baby girl who needs to be held. Ive swallowed around a hundred mens cocks. Ive fucked ten men. Im fistable. Im a free use whore. Im a girl friend. Im where I belong.

Im all that and more and less all at the same.

I am.

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The Gray

Short texts by Badsammie

July 2019

Anything to Escape the Gray

Broken Runaway Toys

Made Pretty Once Again

Broken, Ruined, and Desperate

On the Streets

Into the Alley

My Choices Never Really Mattered

The Gathering Storm

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The Gray

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